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The experience matured in the international marketplace by Mauro Ravizza Krieger and his staff of professionals is now offered to companies that manufacture clothing and luxury items in the form of a consultancy service.
The studio has played a central role in generating commercial success and raising brand awareness for several companies by creating strategies, designing collections and carrying out market research.
In the high quality clothing sector we have been involved in the creation, development and repositioning of several companies that looked to us to rethink their collections and product strategies.

The advantages of specialisation.

The continuous evolution of markets and lifestyles and growing competitiveness in the sector have led to the need for the continuous renewal of business models: our experience and training in high quality products allows us to provide quality and specialization in our designs and to implement integrated strategies of fashion-design, marketing and merchandising.

The luxury of culture and tradition.

Research into and the recovery of company values is our first objective for transferring the culture and tradition of the brand into its designs: the concept of luxury is evolving on a profound level and being transformed into the search for exclusivity, culture and tradition.

We are witnessing the decline of labels as status symbols and a progressive distancing of consumers from brands based exclusively on advertising.

Our task is to guide companies towards a new vision in which style and design is ever increasingly accompanied by “substance”, a return to the essence of things that will reward those companies making products that have been well researched.

The projects we work on are founded on quality and in each one of our collections we try to create designs that enhance the company´s culture.

Our tradition is based on allure and innovation.

From the strategy
to the design

The product in the widest sense of the word, from the research stage to the creation of new philosophies, from industrialisation to advertising, requires a new approach in the design stage with new strategic and stylistic input.
In essence a new relationship between the product and its design, merchandising and marketing is required in order to create better market placement.
Business strategies and the rationalisation of the collection development process start from the positioning analysis and can be broken down into a sequence of critical stages.
Each of these stages has its own tools and techniques and all of them are governed by timing. In this way efficiency is increased and collection creation times reduced.
Studio Mauro Ravizza Krieger

From creativity
to the product

Creativity, style and advertising must be fully integrated and optimised within all the company´s activities, with constant reference to the brand positioning choices.

Our specific knowledge of the sector allows us to support businesses by using product strategies that interpret the dynamic trends of the market.

Our focus on the “wider world” allows us to decipher the evolution of society´s values and pinpoint the most important developments in terms of the behaviour and aspirations that guide consumer trends and thereby collections.

We endeavour to make each project dynamic based on the brand´s DNA.
Studio Mauro Ravizza Krieger

From the idea
to the market

- We work on finding the right balance of an “ideal” product line, analysing the results of previous collections to project them into a new collection.

- We analyse and assess the balance between continuing lines and fashion products.

- We work on adapting fashion trends to the brand identity.

- We use a creative process to enhance the brand´s emblematic products.

- We set out a work process that encompasses the collection´s passage from the design stage to the shop and consumer.

- We work to create collections that are coherent with the brand&acut;s values as well as its advertising and distribution strategies.

- We work on the creation of internal communication tools between various company figures involved in merchandising, marketing, distribution and advertising in order to provide company management with an instant overview of the collection´s progress and objectives and to facilitate the decision-making process.
Studio Mauro Ravizza Krieger

From the idea
to the collection

A collection should be thought of in terms of merchandising “modules” from conception onwards.

It is important to set out a grid for interpreting trends and bringing them to the brand to create a product identity.

The items in the collection should be clearly divided into segments, at the same time working on the balance between permanent / basic products and products with a clear “fashion” orientation.

The brand´s codes should be identified without slowing or constricting its evolution, enhancing the company´s DNA within its market segment and broadening its profile.

In the end the brand should become a synthesis of style / product / marketing / distribution.

Tailor made strategic consultancy.

Strategic orientation is the element we focus on in all our projects.

In order to be competitive companies must make choices that will position them in the marketplace and define their Vision and Mission.

The company processes we work on are linked to the core business and determine the following aspects:

- Target market
- Strategic positioning.
- Product and pricing policies.
- Sales organisation.
- Distribution logics.
- Advertising planning.
- Brand extension policies.
- Licensing.


Company strategies should be based on a profound understanding of the market, the players and the competitors.

Our working process begins with an assessment of the company and a preliminary study that allows us to get to know the company´s products and organisational structure.

We then carry out an analysis of the reference market, assessing the main characteristics that define it in terms of logics and processes.

Our methodology and approach allows us to gather information into a document / project that forms the first stage of our work, it contains:

- The strategy.
- Present and future positioning.
- Product / collection policies.
- Distribution organisation.
- Advertising.
- Development policies.

Business development

- Brand enhancement.

- Positioning upgrade.

- Brand Extension:
range extension and completion.

- Licencing:
dentification of the most strategically significant partners for the development of a licensing project.

- Retailing:
brand development projects through the creation of single brand outlets owned by the company or franchised.


Our constant monitoring of the fashion & design system allows us to study the companies and brands that define different market segments: we analyse the main drivers for success in order to structure concepts and collections designed to provide the best performance in terms of distribution and positioning.

Our benchmarking studies are based on assessments of collection structures, distribution policies, pricing and image and advertising concepts.

An in-depth benchmarking analysis is fundamental to understanding the reference market and the players that set out its boundaries as well as how the brands in question differ from their competitors.

Trend analysis

In a targeted and specific way based on the brand identity, we set out all the elements of the “season”:

- Trends.

- Silhouette.

- Colour ranges.

- Materials.

- Fabrics.
Studio Mauro Ravizza Krieger

Brand identity &
brand management

The essence of a brand is the synthesis of the distinctive characteristics or strengths that make a company or a collection unique and recognisable.

Our job is to create and enhance the brand not just as an advertising tool but also as a starting point for an integrated business strategy.

Our job focuses on the variables of brand identity in order to share the company´s key values and set out its objectives.

We work on brand advertising, on concepts and on the customer´s perception of the brand and company image.

Our aim is to generate the potential to stand out from the crowd and be recognisable against other brands that define the market.

Brand management and development for high quality goods requires a unique set of qualities that can bring innovation to product policy and marketing, advertising and distribution strategies.

The target we aim for in all of our projects is to enhance these elements by creating a strong brand identity able to define and generate value for the company.
Studio Mauro Ravizza Krieger

Brand extension

Brand awareness and business extension into other market areas are growing concerns for many businesses.

We organise concepts for extending ranges in an organic way by carrying out brand research and analysing new and potential competitors as well as the strategies employed by market leading companies in the new segment.

We adopt the implementation methods we deem most appropriate by designing a product that best meets the development objectives and implementing the most effective strategies for the diversification project by planning the objectives to be achieved.
Studio Mauro Ravizza Krieger

Fashion marketing

The current market climate ever increasingly requires each product to conform to the market, its consumers and their principles.

Fashion marketing thus becomes a tool with which we try to direct all company functions and through which we set out our tasks.

For us fashion marketing represents a determining and irreplaceable factor for enhancing creative projects and achieving company objectives.

We use fashion marketing for actions and operations linked with the crucial stages of analysis for every product:

- Brand image: analysis of the brand´s style, advertising and distribution.

- Product research: research and development of the product.

- Competitor intelligence: analysis of competitors that define the target market.

- Plus and minus points: analysis of the brand´s plus and minus points from a competitive viewpoint.
Studio Mauro Ravizza Krieger

Advertising strategy

We believe that advertising is one of the most important strategic elements in the development of a business. This is why we take part in the advertising strategy decision-making process and help the company in its Corporate Communication activities.

A coherent product, design and advertising strategy is the objective we aim to achieve in all our projects.

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